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Air Conditioning Inspections

Buildings account for almost half of the energy consumption and carbon emissions in the UK.

The air conditioning used in buildings can amount to a third of your annual electricity cost. Older, oversized or poorly maintained air conditioning systems may be using more energy and costing more to operate than necessary.

Most businesses have rising energy costs. If you use energy efficiently in your business, you can save money, save energy, stay competitive and reduce carbon emissions from your building.

The main things that affect the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system are:

The energy efficiency of your air conditioning equipment
Whether your air conditioning system has been regularly maintained
How your air conditioning system is controlled and operated

Air conditioning inspections have been introduced by the Government as part of the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in England and Wales, to give building owners and operators essential information about the energy performance of their air conditioning systems.

PHH Energy Limited provide information and advice to highlight possible improvements to:

the energy efficiency of the system
electricity consumption and operating costs
carbon emissions

Mandatory inspections are being introduced for all air conditioning systems with rated cooling output greater than 12kW. This includes the combined output of one or more individual air conditioning units in a building.

If your air conditioning system has a rated output greater than 250 kW, you must have had your first inspection by 4th January 2009.

If your air conditioning system has a rated output greater than 12kW, but less than 250kW you must have had your first inspection by 4th January 2011.
Thereafter, inspections will be required every 5 years. This is now law.

For new systems installed on or after 1 January 2008, the first inspection must have taken place within 5 years of the installation date. 

Please feel free contact us for further information on this and other service we provide which may help your business.

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